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Summer School - Irregular Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence

September 19-24 2021

(Centre Paul Langevin - Aussois)

The ERC Nedag and the ANR CatAG are jointly organising a summer school on the irregular Riemann-Hilbert correspondence, following the work of T. Mochizuki. The school will be mentored by Claude Sabbah, and all the lectures will be given by the willing participants. This event is organized towards students (master, doctoral and postdoctoral) as well as young colleagues.

  • The school will be held in Centre Paul Langevin in Aussois.

  • We will try to cover the travel and lodging expenses integrally for all participants.

  • Registration is compulsory. Unregistered participants can not be accepted (please also note that the number of participants is limited).

  • Program - list of the lectures with references and explanations by C. Sabbah.

  • Schedule of the lectures.

Organizers: Etienne Mann and Bertrand Toën.


Funded: ERC-2016-ADG-741501 and ANR-17-CE40-0014


En arrière plan les Forts de l'Esseillon. Photo originale par MOSSOT.

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